Take advantage of the Australian sun and save money on your electricity bill with BF Industries.

We have extensive experience installing and servicing solar systems as far as Moree (West), Murwillumbah (North) and Coffs Harbour (South). Better still, we can design specialised solar systems to fit your house, office or caravan. The panels we sell are durable, affordable and utilise cutting-edge technology.

Whether your current solar panel needs upgrading or you want a new system for a new home, BF Industries has got you covered. We provide outstanding customer support, from consultation to installation. Our solar technicians will spare no effort to ensure your new panels have the maximum impact, without negatively affecting the appearance of your home.

Among the solar brands we stock are:

  • Trina Solar
  • SMA
  • Winaico
  • Suntech

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Grid Connect

In addition to being more affordable than the stand alone option, grid connect systems do not require an oversized solar array, meaning you can power your home for even less. Since the new NSW Gross Feed-In Tariff of 60c/kWh was implemented in 2010, grid connect solar systems have proven a better way to save money and invest in your home.

At BF Industries, we have CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited installers on staff with years of industry experience. You can rest assured our solar technicians will have your panels installed right the first time, promptly and without hassle. The grid connect systems we offer are designed to ensure the greatest energy efficiency is maintained.

A solar grid connect system allows you to plug into the sun and convert it directly into standard household electricity. Solar electricity modules using photovoltaic (PV) technology convert the sunlight into the form of photons, which then make electricity. DC energy is generated by the solar modules on the roof and fed to an inverter, converting the energy from DC into standard AC household electricity.

New meters are used in NSW that record both the energy you use (imported) and the energy sent back to the grid (exported). This is called 'gross metering'. The energy you use may cost you around 25c/kWh but the energy exported will make you 60c/kWh. This is the beauty of the gross metering system and why the scheme has so many people excited.

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Stand Alone

BF Industries has been at the forefront of RAPS (Remote Area Power Supply) and stand alone power systems for decades now. There are numerous advantages to choosing a stand alone solar system. In addition to being low maintenance and low upkeep, stand alone systems can be easily expanded for greater coverage by connecting additional panels and batteries, without the worry of harmful waste or other byproducts.

All of our stand alone systems are designed to suit your needs, taking into account your average and peak energy usage, as well as your standby energy needs. We use this to size your entire solar system, from battery bank capacity, to inverter (output) and solar array (input).

In most instances, we will also size your battery charger and generator output accordingly. You can even specify how many days of standby capacity you want if there is no sun!

If you need to run larger appliances-such as air conditioners, vacuum cleaners etc-the most cost-effective solution is to reduce the size of the planned PV solar array/battery bank and install an appropriately sized generator. This will supply your home with energy while also charging your batteries, giving you the added advantage of a backup power supply during cloudy weather.

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